Wednesday, July 09, 2014

More Late-Night Ideas...

Whenever I get depressed, which is less often than you probably assume, I try to think up some clever scheme which, if successful, would revolutionise the way I do business.

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Call me an idealist at heart, but keeping in line with my 2013 experiment of "Pay What You Think The Job Is Worth" comes this great(?) idea of institutionalising fairness in billing practices.


What does that mean?

Rather than provide services at a set rate, irrespective of your financial circumstanaces, instead we should consider the egalitarian approach of proportionality. That is proportional to the Client's income.

Say, three times their regular hourly income, or equivalent.

So if one Client, Rocky McClurg, is earning $20 per hour at the garage, then any work we do on his behalf is charged out at $60 per hour.

However, if our Client is Joe Pants, and he earns around $5 million a year as a CEO, then any work we'd do on his behalf would be charged out at approximately $7211 an hour. 

Even if the work was essentially exactly the same.

Is that fair? Well, arguably, yes and how could it not be?

Of course, the downfall of this brilliant scheme is that the Joe Pants' of this world would just go hire someone else. Someone less egilitarian and fair-minded than myself.


Might require some work.

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