Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hearts and Minds. And Beards.

For a slight change of pace, Dear Reader, I thought I'd share the witty banter recently had with one Mister Thorpe (not his real name), who seems to have me confused with someone else.

Someone with a beard.

Long story short, Thorpe had been a bit naughty and the local city authorities were seeking to bankrupt him for his part in a dodgy building scandal.

I'd previously served served Court documents on him but he'd not attended and, as these things generally go in your absence, judgement was found against him.

Anyway, a few months later, I had to serve additional documents on the poor guy but it looked like the stress got to him. From my repeated enquiries at his address, Thorpe had temporarily absconded to a nearby rural town and it was not known when he would be returning. However, I managed to get his phone number and thought I'd at least give him a call and try and sort out an amicable arrangement to accept service.

Because that's the kind of guy I am.

I left a message on his voice mail - which clearly stated the phone was Thorpe's - and then a while later received a text message in response. I didn't initially notice I'd received his SMS though, which seems to have upset him a little.

Anyway, here is the SMS conversation.

There were a couple of calls in the middle where he denied being Thorpe although couldn't explain why he had Thorpe's phone - and then he went off on a bit of a tangent calling me a few choice descriptors that I don't usually associate with myself. He hung up when I told him I was recording the call - and I was, I'd just downloaded a call recording app and was trying it out for the first time.

He then called me back virtually immediately to ask if I was a gang member and then said something I didn't quite catch before he hung up again.

From the following SMS, I guess he thought he would be all intimidatory and stuff. 

I guess though the first thing to keep in mind when making threats that you want at least to appear credible is to make sure your facts are right.

I don't have a beard.

I never had any friend, female or otherwise, accompany me on any of my attendances to his address.

So I have no idea who he thinks I am, but I'm fairly confident that it's not me.

PS: My name's not 'Clive' either.

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