Monday, September 22, 2014

Update on Seeking Albert

Artist's Impression
Good news, Dear Reader, as I am sure you were waiting with bated breath for developments in my search for Albert.

Well, wonder no more. Albert has been located.

And it appears that he had more than just the one active warrant for his arrest.

So, how did it go down?

Haviing found his friend's girlfriend's place of work, I started off making enquiries there this morning. Sadly, Sally (not her real name) no longer worked there, having recently become a full-time mother. But the good news was that the receptionist, Monique (not her real name either) was a friend and said she would find out where the boyfriend worked and get back to me.

In the interim, I popped in to the see the local constabulary. While technically unable to confirm whether they had any active warrants out for his arrest, we devised a clever system of winks to establish that, yes, they would very much like to be informed should I locate Albert's current whereabouts.

Say no more.

With impeccable timing, I received a call from Monique. She had the goods on Sally's boyfriend's workplace. Nice!

So I make a quick call and the boss is at home doing some paperwork. I tell him it would be better for me to come see him face-to-face. He's down with that so gives me his address and I make my way there.

Well, after some discussion he decides to co-operate fully and divulges Albert's current home address as well as the time he usually arrives at the yard in the mornings. 

Thank you.

Turns out that Albert lives about nine houses down from his previous address. So I make a quick stop there and confirm with an occupant that he does reside at this address but is at work.

I inform the Client of this and then make a quick call to the constabulary, just to let them know.

Now they owe me one.


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