Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I, The Jury

Well, close enough. I have been the 'lucky' recipient, Dear Reader, of a Jury Summons calling me to do my civic duty on 01 December.

Naturally, this isn't exactly working for me.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that jury service is one of the last bastions of democratic participation in 'public life.' However, there are a number of very good reasons as to why this is an onerous burden, and one I should be excused from.

  • I am the sole investigator for a major insurer in my geographical area. The insurance company has a contractual obligation with its clients that claims are settled within a certain timeframe, and includes time for investigations. A prolonged trial jeapordises the insurance company's obligations in regards to its clients as investigations would not be able to be carried out in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Being self-employed, I am reliant on carrying out, and completing, work in a timely fashion in order to be able to invoice out for said work and make a living. Such as it is. Being unable to conduct business will be financially damaging.
  • I hold myself out as providing services to barristers and solicitors and, from time to time, do some work in regards to criminal defence investigations. There is a question of conflict of interest.
Sadly, the Court did not agree with me.  

Now I'll have to go into the Court in person and explain to them that this really is an unfair imposition and surely there is a certain injustice in coming out worse off for having done my so-called civic duty?

Not happy.


  1. Could always try something like this ;)

    1. Ha... yeah, might try that. But I was thinking about something a little more subtle...