Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This is the end

It is almost time to say farewell to 2014, Dear Reader, and embrace the great unknown of the coming new year.

I, for one, will not bother with making any New Year's resolutions, as we all know how they've gone in the past.

Without getting all melancholic and dreary, the past year hasn't exactly been a good one - but it's the past and no need to dwell upon that now. The future beckons brightly to us all.

So, let us raise a glass in silent salute and wish each other all the best.

See you on the other side.    

Monday, December 22, 2014

December. Yeah.

Well, with a few days to go before I officially call it quits for another year, what have we learned this time around?

Not a lot, really. 

2014 hasn't been an exactly 'outstanding' year as far as I've been concerned. More of the same best sums it up. Kind of hoping the same won't be said this time next year, but who really can tell?

Not I.

Anyway, just a couple of updates on several previously mentioned posts:

  1. Awaiting confirmation to go serve documents on the property of FOTLer Matt, of the House of Thompson. The bank, apparantly, is checking that the faxed nonlegal bollocks from Matt doesn't constitute a Trespass Notice (it doesn't, but they want to be sure). 

    However, it clearly won't be happening until January 2015 if it does go ahead.
  2. I couldn't get out of Jury Service, but not through lack of trying. Since my letter requesting to be excused was declined from the Registrar in Capital City, the local Court was unable to countermand their decision. The only recourse was to show up on the Monday and, if called, make an appeal to the Judge. Well, I wasn't called on the Monday but then had to check in every afternoon to find out if I might be required to attend the following day. On Thursday I was officially discharged and will not be called again within the following two years.  
There have been a few other things happening to occupy me this past month. Nothing particularly exciting, however. Maybe a couple of cases regarding insurance fraud investigations worth writing up but probably best to leave it a while.

If I don't post again this year, have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

I guess someone has to.