Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tool to add date/time (and more) to photographs

You might recall a similar post I made almost a year ago, Dear Reader, in regards to tools to add date and time to video footage.

Well, I just purchased a new point-and-shoot camera - a Sony Cyber-shot DX-WX350 - to replace my battered Canon IXUS (will review this later). It was an unplanned, impromptu, buy and I hadn't really checked out the stats prior to purchase so was a little disappointed when I got it home to find that you couldn't display the date and time of the photograph, just the date.

And you know how much that really annoys me.

Luckily, there are some tools out there to insert EXIF data onto photographs post-shooting and I pretty much was happy enough with the first one I trialled that I made the purchase.


Currently priced at US$29.95, it does come with a 30-day fully-functional free trial if you want to have a play with the various settings. For windows only, I'm afraid.   

There are more functions than I need with this tool but apart from adding date and time, it also allows the addition of custom text - such as a file number etc.

Not my back yard. An address I had to attend.
You can customise the font, font colour, background colour and opacity, text, format of date and time, position of text boxes... pretty much everything.

There are some other tools out there that do the same or similar, some might even be freeware, but I liked this enough after fiddling with the settings for 10 minutes to know this was the one for me.

Definitely an A in my book.

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