Monday, June 01, 2015

Mid-Year Madness

Oh no, Dear Reader! Over a month has passed without any posts from me. Is this The End?

Well, worry not. It's not (quite) the end of me just yet.

Over the past few weeks, I have been:

(...and in no particular order...)

  1. Busy with ongoing cases
  2. Travelling out of town on several enquiries
  3. Feeling under the weather
  4. Feeling stressed
  5. Feeling like I need a break
I've kind of noticed I hit a slump every year around this time and I usually just retreat into my cave and ignore things until I feel like coming out again.

Probably not the best business strategy but I've never really wanted to be an entrepeneur. God, I hate that word!

So, some updates on my recent activities.

I ended up doing some more work on Mr G with the assistance of a GPS unit affixed to his car. Perfectly legal, it's a work vehicle owned by his employers, so the placement was entirely above-board. Followed him around for the day and the result is that Mr G no longer works for the company. Not that he did any while actually employed there anyway, but I digress.

Ordered and received a copy of Kirk's Fire Investigation (7th ed.) by DeHaan and Icove. 763 pages of arsony goodness, most of which is above and beyond my needs as I am not a specialist fire investigator, but of some interest nonetheless. Will post a review at some stage, but probably not any time soon (it's a BIG book). Now I just need a couple of timely house-fires so I can nod knowingly.

One of the ongoing problems with my various electronic gadgets is batteries. Or as Roy Batty succinctly put it, "I want more life, fucker." Well, I may have found an ideal solution, at least for devices requiring AA batteries - in particular my trusty voice recorder. These batteries are USB rechargeable!

Supposedly they charge up to 90% in 5 hours (that seems an excruciatingly long time) but they can be recharged 500 times. Be still my beating heart!

Anyway, they're in the mail so should have them in a few days and will put them immediately to the test and report my findings.

Otherwise I am trying to close off a number of open files before getting swamped with new investigations.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, I'm also helping out in a historic homicide matter that had been previously ruled an accidental death some 30 years ago but more evidence has come to light.

But more on that another time.


  1. Swamped with new invetigations? That's suprisingly optismitic.

    1. Every morning I wake up hoping that today things will be better.

      If that isn't optimism, I don't know what is.