Friday, June 26, 2015

Shiny New Things

For a while now, Dear Reader, I have been stewing over whether I really needed to purchase yet another bag. I mean I have my BlackHawk CIA Garment Bag for when travelling, a BlackHawk Tactical Briefcase (which admittedly, I hardly bother with), and my 5.11 Tactical Wingman Patrol Bag as my standard day-bag and organiser. 

I also had a couple of others but they have been unfortunately lost.

Now, if anything, I need a bag to contain my surveillance essentials. I was getting sick of cameras and the like cluttering up my day-bag, and really want something I could throw it all into and keep it separate from my other gear.

So I have just ordered the 5.11 Covrt (that's not a misspelling) ZAP 6 gearslinger.

Now, while there are a bunch of other similar gearslingers around, some even from the same manufacturer, what I like about this is it makes some effort to be 'grey' - not as militarised-looking, comes in a colour combination other than black, olive green or desert tan, and doesn't have MOLLE webbing all over.

Also, I like that there is a communications pouch where you can put your RT and can slide your cables up along the strap. However, while this sounds like a nifty idea in theory, having watched a couple youtube videos on this, I'm not sure that the pin-end of my earpiece will fit into the opening provided. Will check that out when I actually get my hands on this bag (hopefully tomorrow).

Clearly this is not a large bag so there will be some limitations as to what you are going to be able to fit into it. For me, all it needs to hold is a camcorder, monocular and mini-binos, digital camera and maybe my Lawmate covert DVR when not in use. Basically, all I really want is to keep my surveillance tools seperate to my other gear, and handy when on a surveillance gig.

Also, on the rare moments when the subject is on foot, this should be a good gear bag that doesn't stand out.

Some reviewers have not given it an overly great grade but their needs may differ greatly from mine. For instance, one of the main features is a hidden concealed carry compartment for a pistol. Since I live in a country where citizens are not routinely armed - and certainly cannot carry weapons on them when going about their daily business - this is not a feature I am really interested in. However, I suspect that this will be useful for storing other equipment I might need at hand when on a foot follow.

We will see. Review to follow.

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