Sunday, October 18, 2015

PI Toolbox: Screencasting Tools

Hello again, Dear Reader. This isn't something I've really needed in the past but a screencasting tool might be useful in the future when needing to preserve online social media evidence or the like.

I've just had a preliminary play with Atomi's ActivePresenter Free Edition (for personal and non-commercial use) and it looks like a fairly simple to use, yet feature-packed, program. 

The Standard Edition is priced at US$199 and the Professional Edition at $299. Both come with further features and export format options.

Whether or not the price point justifies the purchase is open to debate, given the frequency of use you might likely employ screencasting in investigations. Personally, I can't see a great and pressing need for this myself - I'm happy enough with just taking screen grabs - but it might be something you might find useful.

If you have any other recommendations (or gripes), feel free to chime in below.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Upcoming Reads: Covert Imagery and Photography

I recently became aware, Dear Reader, that Peter Jenkins (the author of the surveillance bible) had just published a tome detailing the finer points of carrying out covert surveillance imagery.

His new book, "Covert Imagery & Photography: The Investigators and Enforcement Officers Guide to Covert Digital Photography" is now available through Amazon. 

I shall be ordering a copy forthwith and will post a review at some future date. 

Or not. I'm kind of fickle that way. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Forewarned is Forearmed 2: Threatened Mass-Shooting

Hello Dear Reader, sorry for the long gap in posting but I have had to deal with some personal matters that are still ongoing.

Be that as it may, the other day I was asked to help out a PI friend who was out of town on holiday, and serve a Trespass Notice on behalf of one of his clients: a major bank.

No worries, I told him. What could possibly go wrong?