Friday, October 02, 2015

Forewarned is Forearmed 2: Threatened Mass-Shooting

Hello Dear Reader, sorry for the long gap in posting but I have had to deal with some personal matters that are still ongoing.

Be that as it may, the other day I was asked to help out a PI friend who was out of town on holiday, and serve a Trespass Notice on behalf of one of his clients: a major bank.

No worries, I told him. What could possibly go wrong?
When I made it to the branch that issued the Notice, the administrative manager came out to see me. Turns out that this particular client of theirs, a Ms Low (not her real name), had recently become agitated in her dealings with her particular branch. In one day she made over 70 phone calls to them before they blacklisted her number.

That did not deter Ms Low, however.

She then made a personal visit to that branch and, before she was hauled from the premises, had made a number of threats about coming back with a firearm and shooting bank staff. Or words to that effect.

Anyway, the Bank took a dim view of that incident and although believed it was highly unlikely that Ms Low had access to a firearm or intended to carry out such a threat, they had to take the matter seriously - particularly in light of a recent similar incident in which several government employees were shot dead by an aggrieved 'customer'.

Yep, I understand that.

They also believed that Ms Low had recently been discharged from 'hospital'. 

However, I would have assumed that perhaps this might be less a matter for someone unable-to-legally-carry-weapons (that would be me) and perhaps more in the bailiwick of our local constabulary. Who can carry weapons. Especially when possibly facing some deranged nutter hell-bent on possibly committing murder...? 

But naturally I just said "fine" and took the document. What a trooper!

The thing is that despite the threats made by Ms Low, the probabilities of her being able, or even capable, of carrying them out is very slim. I thought that the most likely scenario would be that she would lose the plot at me and maybe just stab me with a knife or something.

So I headed out in the evening to Ms Low's residential address. As a precaution, I notified the police when I arrived at the address and that I would also call once safely off the property.

As a second precaution, I also placed by oh-so-illegal-but-good-to-have extendable baton in a hidden pocket in my vest. Just in case, you understand.

Again, like the last time, I needn't have bothered. Ms Low was a smiling, reasonably attractive woman, who knew why I was there and even laughed about the situation. She accepted service with a cheeky grin and politely thanked me. And she didn't try stab or shoot me, which is always a bonus.

Well, she didn't invite me in for a cup of tea, which probably was for the best as attractive women who aren't very stable and have a penchant for violence (implied or actual) are kind of hot.

You know what I'm sayin'.