Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Entirely Not Unexpected Exposition of Mr Harker, Whinypants

So, Dear Reader, you should already be aware of my previous dealings with the aforementioned Mr Harker. If not, you can read about them here and here.

Well, when we last left out hero (that would be me), Mr Harker had decided that perhaps cooperating with his insurer and their appointed investigator might, in fact, be a good idea.

Hooray, we said. But in our hearts we knew this wouldn't be the last word on the matter from Mr Harker.


And it wasn't.

So when Mr Harker contacted me on a Saturday, by email, stating he was now prepared to meet me - I answered with a cautious and tentative agreement pending authorisation from the insurer. After all, I had closed my investigation at their request and had submitted my report. I suggested that because of the insurer's standard business hours, I might not get approval until the Monday.

However, less than an hour later, I was told to go ahead and meet with Mr Harker, so sent a second email stating that I had indeed been given approval and that since he did not wish me to visit him at his home, I could meet at a car park around the corner.

Four hours later, ignoring my later email entirely, Mr Harker responds to the first with a terse "well forget about it then."

Then on the Monday the insurer receives a barely literate litany of complaints about everything Mr Harker had to endure. And I rated a notable mention. Several, actually.

Once again I am accused of scaring his daughter, the one I never met and was unlikely to have been at home on the one occasion I visited his house. And again I am also accused of violating his privacy, and that of his house mates and landlady. I briefly spoke to one occupant at his address, and asked no questions of him regarding anything remotely personal.

Harker finishes off by claiming to be escalating his complaint with the regulatory body that oversees insurance companies. Good luck there buddy, should this go to mediation we'll be sure to bring up the evidence to date regarding your fraudulent claim...

I suspect this won't go any further, however.

He's all mouth, no trousers.    

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