Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No Ordinary Day

If you follow me on Twitter (@anonymouspi), Dear Reader, you might have been aware of an upcoming job I was tasked with. Specifically, effecting an 'at risk' repossession warrant - and you know just how much I hate doing those, right?

But it wouldn't be a 'proper job' if there weren't some aggravating factors or complications, right?

Right. So the occupants of the address were gang members and, in particular, members of a major organised street gang involved in a variety of illegal enterprises and known for their use of violence.

Particularly unlikely to put on the jug and offer us tea and biscuits.


What could go wrong?

We did our preparations by contacting the local Gang Unit to discuss their possible assistance. Strangely, they didn't really seem all that keen on the idea once we provided some details of the occupants. Perhaps a little alarmingly, they suggested that we should in fact 'book a job' through Police Communications, who could then assign an armed unit to assist us.

Armed unit?

And it did sound like they were a little cagey about the whole thing.

So that is pretty much exactly what we did. I phoned the Comms line early in the morning and provided all the necessary details to them. I stated that our plan was to hit the address near 1000hrs as would be rendezvousing at a nearby street with the creditor's delivery van, which would load up the goods once we had seized them and taken them outside for collection.

They told me to give them a call when in position and would assign the next available unit. So, just after 1000hrs I called and said that we were ready to roll. Ten minutes later the first vehicle turns up. A senior officer exits and tells us that another vehicle should be with us shortly. They were the armed unit.

Turns out that one of the alleged occupants had an outstanding arrest warrant and they were more than keen on getting their hands on him.

So we discussed the plan. The police would enter the property, ascertain who was on the premises and make an arrest if possible. However, if the shit were to hit the fan, they would retreat and call in 'the boys in black'.

The Boys. In Black.
Just exactly what about this situation are they not telling us?

I can tell you that I was starting to feel decidedly under-dressed for the occasion. No stab or ballistic vest... starting to wish I had gotten around to making that purchase I had pondered on a couple of years back.

But no time for regrets, let's just go and get this job done. 

Which is what we did.

Police went in, arrested one male without incident. We went in afterwards, with the police in attendance, and uplifted the goods. 

No dramas. 

I didn't get stabbed in the face. 

A bit of a let down, actually. 

Apologies if you thought this story was going somewhere else. We did too.

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